Will Carr

Will went into his first tattoo shop at 18, and that's when it hit him.  He was home.  All those years spent drawing skulls and other dead things that got him in trouble finally paid off.  A professional tattoo artist for the past eight years, Will is a neo-traditionalist who combines fundamentals and bold line work into solid images which can be read easily.  For him, it's all about the details and constantly improving. Once Incognito Tattoo Studios opened, Erikka says that Will "really grew as an artist." He's constantly talking with everyone at the shop about art, the craft, and getting better on a daily basis.  And he'll talk with you, too, to make sure that your tattoo is perfect for you.

Will’s Availability :

Mondays, Tuesdays: 10 am-4pm

Fridays, Saturdays: 12pm-8pm